Stand Out Cleaning and Restoration is proud to offer a full range of quality cleaning services for the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs. We're a small family run company who strives to always give it our all. This is about more than just cleaning; it's about improving the environment that you spend much of your life in. Your environment plays a huge part in your quality of life!
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Conventional vacuuming only removes 76% of the dry particulate soil leaving behind the other 24% of insoluble soils. Gross! Professional carpet cleaning (particularly using the preferred method of hot water extraction) will remove this remaining 24% thus improving the air quality and extend the life of your carpet. With Stand Out, you can rest assured that...
Carpet Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning
There are many fine fabrics and different types of weaves used in the construction of upholstery. Identifying and using proper cleaning techniques and methods is absolutely crucial in the process of attaining the desired effect - which is clean, fresh smelling, and undamaged upholstery. In the age of innovation things change. That includes the tools of the trade.
Residential customers: We love to serve our residential customers. We can help you wherever you are. We offer residential carpet cleaning to people living in houses, high rises, condos, townhouses, or multi-family complexes. We also implement a tool called "seal a door" that prevents hot or cold air from escaping or coming in. It's wonderful!!
We employ the most innovative, most advanced, low moisture cleaning system available. We guarantee it.
Here are some frequently asked questions. Contact us for more information.
Restaurant customers: Of course we love...well...not as much because of the later start times but never fear we still offer our state of the art, super-duper hot water cleaning system that will not fail. In fact if you’re having trouble getting your restaurant carpets clean I bet we will succeed. We are being funny on start times. We would love to be of service to you.
Multi-family housing: Multi-housing is a specialty of ours. We have been servicing multi-family communities for a very long time and have built some very strong relationships with property management companies. We offer apartment carpet cleaning on both vacant and occupied. We offer hallway and common area carpet cleaning. We also offer quick turn carpet cleaning. We also offer property management discounts.
Please call 612-598-5068 or email for questions on pricing and availability. We love all of our customers. Cleaning carpet is what we do. Please call and get to know us. Contact us.
Our systems are efficient yet effective
Our employees are professional, well-trained, courteous and trustworthy.
Our technologies are modern and state of the art.
Bottom line - our cleaning solutions are safe, soap free, free rinsing and help protect your carpet from rapid re-soiling.
Commercial customers: We love to serve our commercial customers too and love building new relationships with property managers. If you’re a business or a retail store we have capabilities using lower moisture systems that dry much faster and the machines are virtually silent. Low moisture systems are not possible for all applications so a simple trip to the location will answer any questions we may have. Regardless, we have you covered.
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