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Stand Out Cleaning and Restoration is proud to offer a full range of quality cleaning services for the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs. We're a small family run company who strives to always give it our all. This is about more than just cleaning; it's about improving the environment that you spend much of your life in. Your environment plays a huge part in your quality of life!
Below is a list of frequently asked questions, organized by service type. If you have a question that is not listed, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to answer it with trust and integrity. Please click on each picture for more info on that service.

Carpet Cleaning FAQ

1. Do you use Truck-mounts (long hoses coming from van)? Yes that is our primary method.
2. I live on the 5th floor can you clean our carpet? Absolutely, yes. We have portable units we use that do a wonderful job. Not a problem. We stand behind our work.
3. Is your cleaning safe? Yes. We incorporate soap free & detergent free solutions.
4. Do you work at night? Yes.
5. What do you charge? Please call us.

Upholstery Cleaning FAQ

1. What methods do you use? We typically use hot water extraction with low moisture tools.
2. Do you employ low moisture systems? Yes. Low moisture is not always the best method to clean fabric but imperative for some applications. There are dry cleaning solutions (low moisture) we offer for carpet and upholstery both.
3. Do you clean leather? Yes.
4. Can you clean fabric. Yes.
5. Is it safe? Absolutely!

Odor Elimination & Pet Odor Control FAQ

1. How long does it take? It varies from thirty minutes to nine hours and it depends on the application. Please call us.
2. How about if it doesn't work? It will. However, if by chance it doesn't we will redo process at no charge to you. We love what we do.
3.  Is it safe? Yes.
4. Will it hurt my stuff in my apt, house, or wherever I choose to use it? Absolutely not. In fact it will sanitize everything while deodorizing.
5.  Is there a residue left behind? No.
6. What does it cost? It depends on odor and square footage. It also depends on application.
7. Can you eliminate urine smell? If we can find it, yes we can. If we treat a urine spot, that area’s smell will be eradicated and eliminated.
8. Do you just use a liquid deodorizer that I can buy myself retail? Absolutely not!!!! We don't use a liquid deodorizer that we just spray on and leave. We eliminate the odor.
9. My car reeks from cigarettes. Can you get the smell out? fact let us be the last person you come to after trying everyone else.
10. The house I'm buying smells old and I don't want to reseal and paint all the walls and ceilings. Can you help me? Yes we can......I guarantee it.

Really....this is an amazing process that has absolutely wonderful results. We guarantee our results.

Tile, Grout & Stone Cleaning FAQ

1. How do we maintain our floors? Generally speaking maintenance cleaning is very important and is dependent on you, your janitorial, or maid service. Sweeping is essential, plus when cleaning, its vital you don't leave standing dirty water on floor. It's safest to use a neutral ph floor cleaner. We can of course recommend brands or places to buy appropriate products.
2. How long after you’re done can we walk on floor? Immediately. The floors are safe to walk on immediately after we are done with our work.

VCT Strip & Wax FAQ

1. Can you wax linoleum floors? Yes… If you’re trying to sell your house and need your worn down linoleum to look more vibrant and new it’s a great option. Or if you just want a new look it's a great option till you get that new floor.
2. Will wax (floor finish) peel? Absolutely not!!
3. How long after wax is applied can floor be used? As soon as it's dry you can walk on it. The longer it cures the harder it becomes. Standard dry times are 15-20 minutes. We recommend waiting 30-45 minutes before walking on it.
4. How do you clean it? Use Cold or Luke warm water with a neutral ph floor cleaner. Use floor mop or wash towel.
5. Where can I get floor cleaner? Home Depot, Menards, local hardware store, or a commercial janitorial store. It needs to be a neutral ph floor finish. Call for details.

On-Site Interior Auto Vehicle Cleaning FAQ

1. How far will you drive? 10 miles outside 494 circle. I'll drive further but will need to add extra charges for extra time and mileage. On-site, year-round.
2. Can I bring my vehicle to you? Yes, In winter time but not spring, summer, or early to middle fall. In those seasons, we'll simply come to you.
3. I own a luxury vehicle can you clean it? Yes. If you’re concerned about us being careful I understand, but no need to fear. This is what we do.
4. My vehicle smells horribly. Can you get rid of odor? Absolutely!!!!! No matter the smell (including cigarettes, smoke & body odor). We guarantee it.
5. Do you just spray a deodorizer? Nope. After we are done you will have a fresh clean smell. You can add your own scent after we are done.
6. Is odor elimination permanent or temporary? It's permanent. Of course we can't control any new odor you introduce. While cleaning the interior of the vehicle we will alleviate some odors by default. Severe odor elimination is intentional and takes a specific system.
7. What's exactly included in cleaning? Interior carpet, interior upholstery, interior windows, interior dash. We will include a free deodorizer if you so choose.
8. Do you use ozone? No. Our system does not utilize ozone.
9. Can you tell us what you use? Yes and no. We use a gas that's safe, efficient, and highly effective. It leaves no residue and sanitizes while deodorizing. However, we can't give away trade secrets.

Carpet & Rug Dyeing FAQ

1: How can I know for sure if what I want dyed is dyeable or repairable? A: You can send us a fiber sample in the mail or bring it to our shop.
2: How much does it cost?
A: There are varying costs of each service. Please inquire.
3: If my carpet cleaner couldn’t remove it, how can you? A: Carpet cleaners are always concerned about stripping color but we are not. We are able to do things carpet cleaners can’t because we are specially trained to do so.
4: Can you dye clothes?
A: If it’s dyeable, we can dye it.
5: Why do you say a perfect color match isn't always possible? A: There aren't a lot of reasons why we can't but it depends on the color loss or the stain. Once we see the job in real time and start dyeing it then we will know if a perfect color match is possible.
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