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Our IICRC Certifified Technicians will follow this full-service process:
1. PRE-INSPECTION: We schedule a Pre-Inspection of the areas to be cleaned (typically pre-inspection is done prior to the actual day of cleaning). After the pre-inspection is complete and all the details of the job have been discussed we schedule the cleaning of your carpet. On occasion, if discussed beforehand, we can do the pre-inspection and the actual cleaning on the same day.
2. VACUUM: After the pre-inspection, we Vacuum the area to remove as much dry soil particulate as possible.
3. (GREEN) Chemical Action: Without (green) chemical action we would be doing little more than rinsing small amounts of the soil from the carpet. The (green) chemical action helps release the soil and other foreign matter from the carpet fiber so that it can be extracted from the carpet.
4. AGITATION: Agitation is used to work the chemical in and to loosen tangled or matted fibers and help the release of soil from fibers.
5. TEMPERATURE: The chemical activity of most carpet cleaning solutions increases significantly as the temperature of the solution increases within limits; more chemical activity results in better cleaning.
6. TIME: No matter how powerful the machine, how great the chemical, you cannot do a complete job without allowing your chemical to dwell in and on the carpet.
7. GROOMING: After taking a shower and washing your hair, you typically comb or brush your hair, right? So why should carpet be different? We groom the carpet so it looks even and presentable when we leave.
8. FINAL STEP - NEUTRALIZING: Most chemical pre-sprays are alkaline-based so the carpets fibers need to be brought down to a neutral ph level or slightly acidic ph level.

Carpet Cleaning

Our systems are efficient, our equipment is professional / top of the line and our employees are the definition of professional, well trained, and trustworthy. More information.

Odor Elimination

Very simply - we eliminate odor, bad odor, all odors (including pets, food, and more) in your home, business, upholstery, or motor vehicle. Our process simply works!  More information.

Tile, Grout & Stone Cleaning

Interior Auto Cleaning

Stand Out Cleaning is your trusted resource for all of your carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile, grout & stone cleaning, VCT strip & wax, odor elimination (including pet odor control) and interior car detailing services etc.

All of our services are provided with trust & integrity. To us, it is about more than just carpet cleaning, it's about improving the environment that you spend much of your life in. We really want you to feel better walking into and existing in the areas we've serviced. Your environment plays a huge part in your quality of life! We always give it our all because we love what we do.

Below is a full list of each of our services. Click on each picture for more information about that service. Please feel free to Contact us.

Upholstery Cleaning

We employ the most innovative, most advanced, low moisture cleaning system available. We will make your fine furniture look and smell good as new. More information.

Pet Odor Control

Pet odors can be difficult to find and identify let alone eliminate from your carpet and furniture. If we can find it, we'll neutralize it. Our process simply works!  More information.

VCT Floor Strip & Wax

Fresh & Clean
New Furniture Smell
BAM! All Gone!
Silly Pets!
Deep Cleaned & Restored
New Floor Shine
New Car Smell
We use a proprietary finish that incorporates nano technology used for the cleaning, stripping and waxing of vinyl, composition tile floors.  More information.
We use specialized equipment and processes designed specifically for this type of deep cleaning of tile, grout, and stone floors. More information.

Carpet & Rug Dyeing

We specialize in the repair and color restoration of rugs and carpet. A spot is only a spot until it is a stain, and stains are deemed un-repairable, but not to us. We do this by adding color to the area of color loss or added color. If color has simply faded over time, we can bring life back to your carpet or rug. More information.
Stains & Bleach Spots - Gone!
We offer full-service on-site interior cleaning of cars, trucks, suv's and more. We can absolutely clean all fabrics and leathers located in the interior of your vehicle. We can also eliminate all odors from your vehicle guaranteed. If your motor vehicle has faded carpet we can re-dye carpet to its original color. More information.

Rug Cleaning & Repair

Cared for, Cleaned and Restored
We specialize in the cleaning, repair and color restoration of your high end rugs. The difference between us and the other guy is we meticulously yet carefully hand-wash our rugs. We never tub wash our rugs and we never intermingle them. This guarantees your precious rug is returned to you - restored and clean. More information.
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