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Stand Out Cleaning and Restoration is proud to offer a full range of quality cleaning services for the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs. We're a small family run company who strives to always give it our all. This is about more than just cleaning; it's about improving the environment that you spend much of your life in. Your environment plays a huge part in your quality of life!
Ceramic tile, porcelain tile, grout, natural stone, such as granite, terrazzo, marble, travertine, limestone, slate, and flagstone all adorn our houses and businesses.
Tile, Grout & Stone Cleaning
VCT Strip & Wax
Our professional VCT (Vinyl Composition Tile) and floor finishing system is ready to tackle the floors in your retail store, multi-family laundry rooms, linoleum and home floors. VCT Tile floors require a resilient finish to be applied directly to the tile to protect it from damage. We use a proprietary finish that incorporates nano technology. The bottom line is the molecules have a tighter weave resulting in a more non-porous surface so the floor is far more resistant to traffic lane soils. Our floor finish does not have ammonia so it's absent of strong odors plus it dries in 15-20 minutes. When properly maintained these floors can look lustrous and never overly-worn. If maintained consistently your floors will last for a very, very, very long time. The reason for this is because when floor finish is applied it protects the original substrate from damage.
Overtime sweeping and general mopping and cleaning will no longer be sufficient in getting the desired cleaning results a home owner or business is looking for. Soil slowly builds up, hardens on the surface and over time will penetrate into the grout and surface of some of the softer stones.
No product or equipment that a typical homeowner or business possesses will be sufficient in dealing with these hardened and penetrated soils. We use specialized equipment and processes designed specifically for this type of specialized floor cleaning.
We can do amazing things with existing stone, tile, or grout that has become soiled. Oftentimes the soiling process is slow; therefore, we sometimes unintentionally don't notice the soil build up. The before and after are oftentimes unbelievable. Contact us.
There are three options that can be offered when using this system. Option 1 is for floors with an existing finish already in place. With this option we remove the top layers of existing finish and apply 2-3 new coats of our nano floor finish. Option 2 is for new floors that don't have any existing floor finish. We deep clean floor and apply 3-5 coats of nano floor finish. Option 3 is for floors with an existing finish that can't be deeply scrubbed due to deep scratches, or discolored existing floor finish. These floors will need to be stripped of all existing floor finishes and then 3-5 coats of new nano floor finish applied. Additional details and information available.
We will consult with you on the best option for your particular situation. We provide free quality training on how to maintain your floors so they look their best for as long as possible - quality craftsmanship that is hard to beat! Feel free to contact us.
After cleaning we recommend a penetrating sealer (if it pertains to the application) that will help to resist rapid re-soiling and staining and will also keep the surface cleaner for a longer period of time.
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Tile, Grout & Stone Cleaning / VCT Strip & Wax
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Tile, Grout & Stone Cleaning / VCT Strip & Wax